Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Wexford, Pittsburgh, PA

Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Wexford, Pittsburgh, PA

As one of Pittsburgh’s most affluent and diverse suburbs, Wexford, PA, has long drawn a lot of attention as a leading area for homeowners to live in. A top “best place to live” by CNBC, living in Wexford, PA, certainly has plenty of positives.

The city, which is rightly considered a sister community to Pittsburgh proper, has its own distinct identity that can be hard for non-locals to pin down. This insider’s list of the honest pros and cons of living in this charming luxury neighborhood can help you get started on knowing what life in Wexford is all about.

Pros of Living in Wexford, PA

A variety of local eateries

The larger Pittsburgh residential area is well-known for its special variety of midwestern cuisine. Wexford, being the cream of the crop when it comes to Butler County neighborhoods, is especially highly ranked in the dining department.

The first place to stop is Totin’s Diner, located conveniently on Perry Highway. This old-school establishment is soaking in ‘50s flair, thanks to its traditional dining tables, checkerboard floor, and family-friendly atmosphere. Try the meatloaf and chipped ham barbecue sandwiches for the authentic taste of Wexford.

While you’re in Wexford, why not get a taste of western PA’s unique deli culture? Zuppa’s Delicatessen has just what you need. Chef-inspired soups and sandwiches are their specialties. Lastly, stop by the Wexford Ale House to close out the night in a friendly nighttime atmosphere.

An organic food and healthy living mecca

Living in Wexford, PA, means having access to some of Pittsburgh's best farmer’s markets, organic dining spots, and health-centered establishments. The local population ranks personal health very highly, and locals should expect an environment where healthy food and exercise are the norms.

The first place to go with your family should be North Park. Here you’ll find a gigantic indoor and outdoor recreational zone that includes all sorts of exercises. From its golf course to its pool, baseball fields, off-leash dog areas, and hiking trails, North Park is a one-stop shop for those who enjoy spending a long day in the sun.

If outdoor shopping is more to your liking, Wexford, PA, has you covered. Check out the area’s variety of markets, from Shenot Farm to the Kaelin Farm Market to Soergel Orchards, where you can enjoy some of the area’s longest-living fruit trees. Head over to the Wexford General Store and Antique Center for more opportunities to burn some calories and select treasures from Wexford’s own residents.

A tradition of green spaces and parks

Like much of western PA, the Wexford area is dominated by plentiful natural resources for everyone to enjoy. Wexford, which comprises some of Pittsburgh’s more elite residents and real estate, is also home to much of the area’s top-ranked parks. First, head over to Knob Hill Disc Golf Course. Whether you enjoy disc golf or simply like to spend an afternoon with the family hiking, strolling, and taking photos of Wexford’s grand wide open spaces, this park is for you.

The Keystone Shooting Center is another reason to get out in nature with friends and family of age. Living in Wexford, PA, means you’ll have the opportunity to mix with a delightful mixture of urban and rural personalities, and the Shooting Center is the perfect place to meet a community of residents.

Cons of living in Wexford, PA

Mixture of corporate chains and commerce dominated by thoroughfares

For an entry that many might consider on the negative side, Wexford does fall on a thoroughfare with a lot of traffic. U.S. Route 19, also part of the area that’s called “Wexford Flats,” is an important crossing that goes through the city. Along this route, there’s a large number of commercial buildings that lend the city a somewhat strong corporate feel.

While many residents consider the U.S. Route 19 a part of the character of the city, some of the city’s population may frown at the excessive noise and traffic that come from living in Wexford, PA. However, the Wexford, PA cityscape lies far from the major thoroughfares in the city, so the effect of the noise and traffic is easy to forget once you drive closer to the city center.

Bar culture is big in Wexford

Lastly, we couldn’t forget the variety of bars that call Wexford home. Along with most of western PA, Wexford is heavily dominated by bar culture. If bar culture isn’t to your liking, it could be difficult to find a variety of nightlife options that appeal to you. Whether you’re enjoying a night out with friends, celebrating a win by your favorite sports team, or simply trying out a new menu, Wexford’s bars dominate.

The first bar or pub of note has to be the Dive Bar and Grille. The epitome of a dive bar, this pub has all your favorite American bar foods. Pittsburgh’s Italian heritage makes itself known at Cenci’s Italian Restaurant and Bar, where you can choose from a dozen hot wings to calamari salad.

Moving to Wexford, PA

Below are the summarized the pros and cons of living in Wexford, PA.

  • Pro 1: The city has a wide variety of restaurants and international cuisine
  • Pro 2: It’s easy to find organic and sustainably-grown food markets
  • Pro 3: Wexford is dominated by a number of open natural reserves
  • Con 1: There can be heavy traffic and car noise along the thoroughfares
  • Con 2: Wexford heavily relies on an American bar culture for nightlife

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While the city of Wexford certainly has some detractors like its strong bar culture (some might find this a plus!) and heavy traffic, it also contains numerous parks, farmer’s markets, and restaurants. There is plenty to do, and locals love the area and appreciate the high-quality of living. If you have any more questions or concerns about the area, Wexford in particular, or real estate in the area, reach out today! Get in touch with Kim Marie Angiulli for more information and to get started on your real estate journey.

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